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The take over

We offer great hosting solutions via our Linux hosting packages, where CPanel allows you to simply configure your hosting to your webs’ desire. You’ll secure a high-powered hosting platform for your site and emails with barely a dent in your pockets.
You’ll never have to worry about your site as our hosting solutions run on first class servers that are cutting edge, secure and reliable. Simple, user-friendly keywords help search engines easily find you, allowing your clients and prospective visitors to easily find you in this big virtual world we live in.

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Web Hosting Benefits

24/7 Support – Our cordial support team is ready to assist you need you require their attention. Just pop them an email or call them on our customer support line.

Instant activation – Once your payment and account have been verified, your hosting package will be activated immediately.

Online Control Panel – A custom built, easy to use online control panel to keep track of your websites success.

Convenience – All emails, calendars and contacts can be integrated.

Powerful servers – Our hosting servers sit on our high-speed and secure network.

Sufficient bandwidth – Sufficient amounts of data will be transferred through your connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is web hosting?

A: Web hosting is when you rent virtual space and bandwidth from a company, in order to publish your website online for the public to visit.

Q: What is web space?

A: Web space is the size (measured in Bytes, Kilobytes [thousands of bytes] and Megabytes [millions of bytes]), of all the pages, images, files, words and scripts your website uses, including your emails.

Q: Will there be advertising such as banner ads or pop-ups on my website?

A: No; not if you don’t want there to be any. The web space is yours and seeing you’ve paid for it, you have full control of whether or not to put ads on your website.

Q: What is data transfer or bandwidth traffic?

A: Data transfer or bandwidth is the amount of information contained on your website, that’s transferred from the web server to your visitors’ computer (over the internet) each time they visit your website.

Q: What is a traffic limit?

A: A traffic limit is the amount of data you can transfer to visitors each month. If you reach your limit, your site will be unavailable until the next month. Alternatively, you can opt to pay an additional charge for each MB used over your limit.

Q: If I have my site designed myself can I still host with you?

A: But of course!

Q: What is uptime?

A: Uptime is the amount of time your website is online and available to the public throughout the month. 100% uptime means that your website was not down throughout the entire month.

Q: Can I track the number of visitors my site gets?

A: Of course you can. Our hosting packages offer a stats program that reports to you the number of hits, visitors, and impressions on your site.