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The Cream of the Crop

With a shared passion for serving people and a fierce interest in Telecoms, our CEO and Managing Director birthed what will soon become The Largest ITC Company in Africa.

With accomplishments in different fields and their combined skills, our directors turned a great idea into a Nxa company that provides cost-savvy product and services to clients.

Renowned Caretakers

Everyone needs a little looking after, and that’s just what our Operations Team does. They help the staff when in need,

help clients when they come to visit, run up and down, left and right trying to get things done for us – and that’s what makes them super Super Nxa.

Penny Processors

Our Finance Team deals with all things cash related. Being great drivers of our success, they are dedicated to always investing their time and efforts in helping clients with billing queries and concerns, account reconciliations and payment arrangements.

Not only that – our Penny Processors are always there to help our staff out when they need things around the office. How awesome are they? We think Pretty Awesome.

Creative Juices

Our Brand Team is creative and witty – always thinking out of the box. They’ve put great efforts into creating an exceptional client experience,

with their striking footprint splashed everywhere that’s Nxatel – like on our website and social media pages. They continue to shower our company with sweet creative juices, and that’s what makes them Brilliant.

The Sales Xpress

Right at the heart of our operation is our Sales Team, eagerly waiting to just pitch your socks off. Also great drivers of our success, our sales department are dedicated to finding a solution for your specific needs.

Yes, they are well equipped and trained in all Nxatel offerings – they seriously do know their stuff. Friendly and dedicated, they are always ready to chat your needs away with solutions such as connectivity, telephony, or even hosting.

Technical Knockouts

It’s all about the “secret code” with them. Our IT and Development Team is forever coding and coming up with great ideas aimed to bettering your life. Take the Nxatel App for example – an app they developed to help you communicate with loved ones at very low rates; or this awesome site you are currently visiting.

Talk about the perfect K.O. Our team of “Smarts” are continuously improving and monitoring our systems, making life simple for both our staff and clients

The Big Guns

Our tech guys are simply the best. They travel all over the country installing systems for our clients. Not only that, but they also make sure that all systems and servers run glitch free through continuous remote maintenance,

ensuring none of our clients have to experience any downtime with their systems. Our Technical Team has the answers to all your hardware and network infrastructure questions.

Customer Service Ninjas

Our Support Team is our backbone. They are the go-to people when you need a helping hand. They are friendly, great listeners and most importantly, exceptional problem solvers.

Whether you need advice or help on your products or services, or have queries and concerns, or even if you just want to top-up data, they are here to support you and will assist you in no time. Yes, they are Legends

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