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Our Promise
To make great attempts at fulfilling all your communication needs, and deliver exceptional products and services by offering our latest leading technologies in the industry.
We promise to make you (our clients) a priority and provide you with greater value for your money.
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Nxatel is the best choice for you.
And this is why:


We pride ourselves in delivering exceptional service and avant-garde solutions to our clients. We aim to exceed our client’s expectations and make them smile. Our track record speaks for itself.

We put our client’s needs first

All the technology, the products, and services serve no use if not for the clients driving the need for them in the market. We understand that without you, what we offer is trivial. And that is why we make you a priority and make an effort to go beyond your expectations and deliver quality service.

The latest and innovative products and services

We partner with only the best suppliers and invest in the best technology available in the market. We are proud to deliver our intellect on the latest technological solutions which we gladly pass onto you. We believe that the technology we provide will benefit you in achieving further success. We are at an advantage over our competitors due to the avant-garde technologies we employ, which allow us to render cost-effective and superior services to you.

Exceptional customer support

Our customer support team is dedicated to taking personal ownership of all your service issues and IT support. They do not work independently but as a team in order to ensure that all tasks and queries are completed accurately, by cross-checking with each other and allowing us to promptly report back to you. Not forgetting our technicians, with all of them having their individual customer service KPIs, they are efficient in what they do and are able to assist you with all your technical requirements.

We share your success

Your success is our success. We rejoice in knowing that we are able to help you with your communication needs, resulting in you thriving, gaining a competitive edge and achieving success. Helping you make the best use of our technology brings success to both you and us.

Hosted data centre

No need to keep your servers on a shelf or in a corner somewhere; you can now have them hosted elsewhere – on our cloud server. Our hosted data center is secure, safe, and cost-effective; granting flexibility, high performance and mobility. Our server is located in Pretoria, and has the capacity for maximal usage.