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About our company

In technical terms, Nxatel is an ICT company that specialises in IP communications and is also a Wireless Internet Service Provider, founded in 2008. We are a licensed national telecom operator, holding an Individual Electronic communications Network Service Licence number 0497/IECNS/ JAN/ 2011 and an individual electronic communications service licence number 0497/IECS/ JAN/ 2011.

But simply, who is Nxatel?

We are an ICT company, providing information and communication technologies to people and businesses nationally. Our main focus and priority is our clients, and we always aim to provide products and services that exceed their expectations.

Meet Our Team

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As a valued member of our family, we would like you to meet the rest of the team –
the legends and driving force of Nxatel, who are always thriving to exceed your expectations.

Nqaba Dontache

CEO, Chief Executive Officer

With experince in sales, Nqaba Dontache established himself as a sales guru in IT Telecom Solutions

Lerato Mabunda

Managing Director

With experience in Marketing and Admin, Lerato Mabunda established herself as a marketing strategist in the field

This is the Nxatel Story

Our Birth

Nxatel is the birth concept of Nqaba Dontache and Lerato P Mabunda, who, while engaged in a light conversation, shared the dream/vision of building a company that would provide their clients with superior products and services and foster relationships, symbolizing professionalism and tenacity, while providing services driven with cost savings at the heart of it. Dontache and Mabunda met in High School, and ventured into different fields thereafter. Not only did they both work as waiters, but they both shared a passion for servicing clients (as they made the most tips). That light conversation led them to forming a partnership (no, not marriage – yet) to start a telecoms company with the vision to be the largest Telecoms, Media and ICT Company in Africa – Amen!

Our Background

With Dontache’s background in sales and Mabunda’s background in marketing and administration, the concept of the company came to be because they wanted to save SME’s on their telecoms, data, and office automation expenditure, while leveraging off the savings in order to provide our products and services to prospective clients, ensuring that the costs to clients aren’t more than what they are currently paying. Deciding on the telecommunications industry for the company to penetrate, they decided that Nxatel would provide Hosted PBX systems, VoIP and FoIP lines, ADSL and internet connections, smart phones and hosted web and email domains. Now, 8 years later, our products and services are driven with the latest Fibre and LTE technologies because the faster the client’s internet connection, the more services we can provide over it – yes, we are in tune with the current trends.

Us in 2008

In 2008, the company was registered with the mission to provide quality service to clientele by implementing the latest technologies, ensuring all of our staff is well equipped and trained, to conduct our business in an ethical and professional manner ensuring longer lasting customer relations. Starting a company - what a risk, right? A risk they were willing to take because they, as business people, understood that the art of taking risks is growth, prosperity and success. They believed in our products and services (they still do by the way) and continue refining them according to the client’s requirements. We can safely say that they made a Kleva choice and now, all our products and services are NXA!

Our Achievements

Over the years, Nxatel has acquired an IECNS License that allows us to compete directly with the major Telcos in Mzantsi, has over 5000 businesses utilizing our products and services throughout the country and have currently employed over 60+ people from office administrators to sales, support and technical Mense. We’ve made great strides and have partnered up with BIG names in the game – because we are Nxa like that, of course. We’ve partnered with Telkom for LTE, DFA for Fibre, Teraco as our Service partner, Pinnacle as our Harware partner, and our most important partner of all is GOD, our Spiritual Partner through and through.

What's Next

If the Nxatel Mobile App (launched in 2016) is anything to go by, then you best believe that we are not done just yet. We have a whole lot more in store for you all – watch this space!